Right Wing Group Pushes To Reverse Raises That Teachers Won In Oklahoma

By Sahid Fawaz

The teacher raises in Oklahoma are already under attack by conservatives.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports:

“A group representing Oklahoma teachers is asking the state’s highest court to stop an effort to overturn a tax-hike package to fund teacher pay raises the Legislature approved amid a national uprising of educators seeking more classroom money.

The Professional Oklahoma Educators filed a protest petition with the state Supreme Court last week against the anti-tax group’s signature-gathering effort.

Led by former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, the group Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is seeking a public vote on whether to toss tax hikes on cigarettes, motor fuel and energy production to fund an average teacher pay raise of $6,100.

Professional Oklahoma Educators argues in court paperwork that repealing the tax hikes would undo teachers’ raises, which are necessary “for the immediate preservation of the public peace.”

Teacher walkouts started in West Virginia and spread to Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado.”
For the rest of the story, visit the Midland Reporter-Telegram here.

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