ROC to DOL: Tips Belong to the Workers who Earned Them!

By Evan Henerson

The Trump administration is working quickly to implement a new rule which would transfer control of tips from the workers to the restaurant owners.

This change, if approved by the Department of Labor, would roll back provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act that have been in place since 1974. The National Restaurant Association is backing the change while Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United is strongly opposed.

From a “Washington Post” article which notes that, in other industries, this practice would be considered wage theft…

“The rules would roll back some Obama administration-era regulations from 2011 that had expressly prohibited employers from splitting server tips with traditionally non-tipped employees, such as cooks and dishwashers. Back then, the agency was concerned server tips could, among other things, be used to pay the hourly wages of back-of-the-house employees.”

“This process is undemocratic and underhanded,” ROC writes in a plea to get citizens to send comments to the Department of Labor. “They’ve opened the shortest-ever comment period in the history of the department, during the busiest time of year for restaurant workers. We only have until January 4th to let the DOL know we won’t let them take workers’ tips without a fight.”

To submit your comments before the Jan. 4, 2018 deadline, click here.

Read the rest of the “Washington Post” article here.

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