Keep it Local: 7 Locally-Owned Bay Area Stores that Pay Workers Fair Wages

If you live in the Bay Area, you know that there are so many stores to choose from for just about anything that you could want.

Butwhat  if you prefer locally-owned stores, especially ones that pay workers fairly and offer benefits? That’s where Labor 411 comes in. We have put together an exclusive directory of Bay Area businesses that treat employees fairly. The directory is full of restaurant listings, hotel suggestions, and much more. And throughout the guide, you’ll find many businesses that are locally owned by people in the Bay Area. Seven of our favorites are listed below. For the full directory, check out the San Francisco guide here. Happy shopping!

1. Draeger’s


2. Green Apple Books


3. Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop


4. Andronico’s


5. Gimbal’s Fine Candies


6. Marian’s Merchandise


7. See’s Candies

See all San Francisco directory businesses here.

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The Westin

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