Secretary of Labor Watch: Acosta Hearing Set, Puzder on the Airwaves

By Evan Henerson

The Ides of March were not particularly kind to Julius Caesar who was murdered by Roman senators, but Alex Acosta will figures to have better luck at his Senate confirmation hearing for the position of Secretary of Labor.

The Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) has scheduled Acosta’s hearing for 1:30 pm on Wednesday, March 15. Senator Patty Murray has requested that Acosta supply three years worth of tax returns. Of course, if Acosta complies with that directive, he’ll already be one up on our President.

Anyway, Acosta’s path to the Department of Labor feels a lot less rocky than that of Trump’s first choice, Carl Karcher Enterprises  CEO Andrew Puzder. The opposition research group America Rising Squared has launched the “Confirm Alex Acosta” website. The site is packed with pro-Acosta fact sheets, videos and a list of endorsements including some supportive words (not sure if that should be considered a full scale thumbs up) from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka who says Acosta’s nomination “deserves serious consideration.”

Labor 411 President and Founder Cherri Senders is also on record as being cautiously optimistic over Trump’s choice. You can read her take in the Huffington Post. And we can pretty much all agree that Acosta is a night and day improvement over Puzder.

Speaking of the burger man, he’ll be interviewed on Fox Business Network today. At the end of February, shortly after he withdrew his nomination for the position, Puzder conducted a radio interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt’s a long-time friend of Puzder’s and the interview involves some serious brown nosing. Puzder reveals that he plans to retire from his fast food position and figure out another way to serve the administration to “repay the debt I owe this country.” During the ramp up to his confirmation, he says that he and his family were threatened and that a lot of what was written in the press about him was “fake news.”

And then there’s this Puzder-ian gem:

“I think my problem was that the unions and the Democrats didn’t want a successful businessperson who understood what it takes to create jobs and economic growth running the Department of Labor, you know, particularly one who might actually have been successful at helping the President create jobs and generate economic growth.”

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