Showtime Asks For Free Labor And Gets The Awesome Response It Deserves


by Sahid Fawaz

Showtime, a company that at last count had an annual revenue of almost a billion dollars, recently sent an e-mail to graphic designers asking them to enter a contest for an upcoming boxing match at the MGM Grand.

The contest is simple: 


What about payment for the designer’s work? Well, there is none. 

Graphic designer Dan Cassaro received one of those emails and responded to the network with this:



And Dan had this to say when asked by BuzzFeed about the issue: “The whole thing is just unethical. You would never cold call a bunch of licensed electricians and ask them to do the lighting for an event like this for free. You certainly wouldn’t ask them to hashtag their ‘submission’ on Twitter to drive traffic to your website. To call it a contest is a bit insulting. A contest is guessing how many jellybeans are in the jar so you can win all the jellybeans. … To participate in a contest like this as a working professional devalues the work of everyone.”

Bravo to Dan for standing up for himself and refusing to work for free! 

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