Six Cringeworthy Statements Made by Chains Opening on Thanksgiving Day

By Sahid Fawaz

In general, few things are more painful to read than corporate statements. But when you add in the topic of opening on Thanksgiving Day, it gets downright ugly. Here are six statements that make our eyes roll into the back of our heads.


Best Buy: “An overwhelming majority of employees choose to work, want to work and enjoy the excitement.”


Macy’s: “We also heard last year from many associates who appreciated the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving so they could have time off on Black Friday.”


Walmart: “We do feed [employees], look after them, and we will be deliberately ensuring we have more checkouts open.”


Target: A company spokesperson said that employees enjoy working on Thanksgiving because “it’s a fun night to be out in the stores.” 


Radio Shack: “Given the customer demand for store hours on Thanksgiving last year, we made the decision to open on Thanksgiving. It gives us the opportunity to stay competitive.”*


Toys R Us: “As eager shoppers head to stores with detailed lists in hand — based on kids’ scribbled notes to Santa — our toy experts will be at the ready to remove the guesswork and ensure they find the toy, deal, service or special offer to help them check off every gift with ease.”

*Radio Shack did revise its hours and will give its employees a mid-day break.

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