Southern Governor Supports Pay Raise For Teachers. But Is It Enough?

Democratic Governor John Edwards of Louisiana wants to give teachers a $1,000 pay raise and $500 for supplies.

ABC affiliate, KTBS, reports:

“Louisiana ranks 41st in the nation when it comes to teacher pay; starting salaries for teachers sits at $40,128.00.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has his sights set on teacher pay raises.

‘Ten years ago, our state was paying teachers at the southern average, today, we’re about $2200 below the southern average,’ says Edwards.

In the 2015-2016 school year, Louisiana teachers averaged $49,745.00. That’s compared to $50,955.00, the average of southern states.

Governor Edwards is expected to officially propose a pay raise for teachers this week.

‘We can’t afford not to give a raise to our teachers and I’ve targeted $1000.00 per teacher and $500.00 per support person,’ says Edwards . . .

Jackie Lansdale, president of Red River United, says when putting meetings on the calendar, they have to take work schedules into consideration.

‘When we’re calling for an after school meeting or a Saturday event, we run into the fact that “no, I cannot do that, I have to work my second job.”‘

Lansdale says the governor’s plan for pay raises is a jumping off point.

‘We know that a thousand dollars is a place to start right this second, but it has to be more than that, we have to see the pathway.”‘

She also says the issue is more than just money.

‘It’s about the teacher who has disciplinary issues in her classroom, but because discipline is reflected in the school discipline score, the issues going on in the classroom won’t be reported and will not be dealt with.'”

For the rest of the story, visit KTBS here.

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