State’s Union-Busting Law Targeting Teachers Passes House Chamber

By Sahid Fawaz

Florida conservatives are working feverishly to pass legislation making it easier to decertify unions. 

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

“Florida House Speaker and likely gubernatorial candidate Richard Corcoran today hailed the House’s 65-41 vote in favor of HB 25, a bill that would require unions to publicly disclose more information about their membership. Sponsored by Longwood Republican Scott Plakon, the bill would require decertification of unions (with the exception of GOP-friendly unions representing police, firefighters and correctional officers) in which less than 50 percent of eligible employees opt to pay union dues.

Said Corcoran: ‘It’s an automatic red flag when any group advocates a position that encourages less transparency and accountability. The answers to our problems are never solved with less transparency. Every organization has a duty to be upfront, transparent, and accountable to its members in all aspects of its operations. It’s no secret that the Florida House is committed to strengthening transparency and accountability wherever and whenever possible. Employees shouldn’t be forced to be represented by an organization they disagree with or no longer support. The House will always fight to empower individuals over bureaucrats.’

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham, a former PTA presidents worked as an attorney for the Leon County school system, called it a partisan attack on teacher unions:

‘Through 20 years of one-party Republican control, the politicians in Tallahassee have sold out our public schools to the education industry. This union-busting bill targeting teachers and public sector employees is the latest and most despicable attack on public education.'”

For the rest of the story, check out the full story at the Tampa Bay Times here.

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