Teamsters are Ready to Slam on the Brakes at Toyota’s Torrance Facility

By Evan Henerson

Teamsters at Toyota repair facilities who contend they’re not getting their fair share of the $2.7 billion tax break are threatening to slam on the brakes themselves and walk off the job.

Members of Teamsters Local 848 who stock parts for distribution to Toyota repair facilities across the Southwest have voted to reject the company’s most recent “final offer” and authorize a strike.
Union representatives contend that the offer of a 1% pay increase is substantially below the 3.2% average pay raise that American workers will see in 2018. If Toyota earned a reported $2.7 billion windfall thanks to the Trump tax break, why they ask isn’t some of this money making it into the workers’ paychecks?

“All we want is to be able to keep up with the cost of living and protect our families,” Eric Tate, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 848 said in a press release. “Toyota has demonstrated how little the company values employees’ hard work and our members are prepared to go on strike if necessary.”

The union maintains that a strike at the Torrance facility could potentially impact the company’s supply line and prevent replacement parts from reaching dealers throughout the southwest to shops in Southern California, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Phoenix, among other cities.

Or, as the union says on its web page accompanying a petition to get Toyota to share its tax breaks, “Unless the company gets serious about this contract, Honda and Nissan are going to have record sales this year!”

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