The Ethical Consumerista – 4 Sparkly Makeup Looks for your Upcoming Holiday Party

By the Ethical Consumerista

All that glitters is not gold — but it sure makes you look good. With the holidays underway, it’s finally that time of the year to show up to parties and gatherings looking like the star you are. Sparkly outfits dominate the season, but why not try bringing that twinkle to your makeup? To help you recreate a few stunning looks, we’ve compiled ethical makeup suggestions which may not be the same as the ones the creators used, but we think it’s the technique what counts. Here are three makeup looks that will glitter brighter than the star on top of the Christmas tree.
Remember also to shop for brands made by manufacturers who treat their workers fairly.

Classic and Classy

What do you get when you combine a smokey eye with a sharp cut crease and add loads of shimmer? An instant Hollywood classic, of course. Opt for matte eyeshadow colors within the brown spectrum for the crease, and cool it down for the lid. To give the glitter depth (from the “Rustic” palette), add a pinkish cream eyeshadow, which will also help it stick. Just add a dramatic cat eye with a precise eyeliner and rock a matte “Romance” pout and you’re all set!

Earth Gem

Glitter can be a lot for some people to handle, so if you don’t want to completely leave your comfort zone, earthy colors are your friends. To keep things looking more organic, this look is more on the dewy than matte side, and stick to different brown and nude eyeshadows on the lid, crease, and lower lash line. And given the glitter is liquid (“Desert Dazzle”), you decide just how much shine you add. Same thing with the highlighter on your cheekbones. Finish it off with a wisp of pink lipgloss (“Pink Pop”), which will enhance the crisp look.

Holographic Fantasy

There’s always that one family member who thinks outside the box and likes to go against convention. If this is you, a purple holographic look is right up your alley! Be bold by stacking up red and purple eyeshadow on your crease and lid (“Wild Orchids” palette) and topping it off with a richer, sparkly purple (“Perpetual Purple”). And since all the attention will be directed at your eyes, go for a glossy nude lip (“Sandstorm”) to bring it all together. Your look will scream that you’re the life of the party and hence the center of attention.

Soft and Angelic

Not being into glitter is totally fine! If you’re into more conservative looks with just a tiny bit of sparkle here and there, we also have you covered. Since this is a minimal look, your color palette will include whites on your lid (“Petite Pearl”) and adding a mix of different nudes (“Skinny Dip”) to the crease to create a bit of depth — but keep it light handed. To open up your eyes, and also keep that angelic aura, add white eyeliner on your waterline. As for glitter, depending on your outfit, you can pick whichever color your heart desires and apply a line on your lower lash line. And just like that you have a pop of tinsel while still looking flawless.

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