The Good Fight: Organized Labor Leads the Charge at the Ballot Box

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In 2018, organized labor – like the rest of the nation – decided “enough was enough” and acted accordingly.

During the historic November midterm elections, the country flexed its might at the ballot boxes, returning the House of Representatives to the Democrats and to progressive candidates who will work to support working families. Given what was at stake, there was no way that union members would be sitting this one out.

And they didn’t. The AFL-CIO conducted the largest member-to-member electoral effort in its history, mobilizing thousands and helping to elect 743 union members to office. 2018 was the year that we finally ejected longtime union nemesis Scott Walker, former governor of Wisconsin.

Locally, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor enlisted thousands of union members to get out the vote in support of candidates like Katie Hill (in the 25th Congressional District) and Mike Eng in the state’s 22nd Senate District. California voters also defeated Proposition 6, a measure to undo increases to state fuel tax.

“Union members and those not yet organized, immigrants and U.S.-born, black and white and Asian and Latino, the LGBT community, and any American with a sense of fair play and justice looked at each other and said ‘there’s more of us than there are of them,’” said LA County Fed  President Rusty Hicks. “And the new Congress will reflect that.”

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