Trump’s NLRB Moves To Ban Student Labor Unions At Private Colleges

The Republican-stacked NLRB is going after graduate student labor unions.

Politico reports:

“The National Labor Relations Board is moving to prevent graduate students at private colleges and universities from joining labor unions, which would undercut a number of high-profile gains made by union organizers at private institutions over the last several years.

— The NLRB will officially publish its proposal in the Federal Register today, kicking off a 60-day comment period. The proposal says that students who do paid work at a private college or university ‘in connection with their studies’ are not considered ’employees’ who have the right to bargain collectively under the National Labor Relations Act, Pro Employment and Immigration’s Rebecca Rainey reports . . .

— The NLRB’s proposal, which was widely expected, effectively reverses a 2016 board ruling that graduate students who work as teaching or research assistants at private colleges and universities are permitted to unionize.”

For the full story, visit Politico here.

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