Union Activity Heats Up As Video Game Giant Announces Layoffs

Layoffs and increased union interest are happening in the profitable video game industry.

Polygon reports:

“Electronic Arts will lay off approximately 350 people today. The news comes from CEO Andrew Wilson, who shared a brief statement on the official EA news website. Representatives from EA tell Polygon staff reductions will come from the marketing, publishing, and operations teams. Additional employees in Japan and Russia will also be impacted. The layoffs represent a nearly 4 percent decrease in headcount for the 9,000-person company . . .

The news comes during a particularly fraught time in the game industry. Late last year TellTale Games laid off most of its staff in a single day, a sudden collapse that led to anger on social media. Then, in February, Activision Blizzard laid off 8 percent of its workforce despite record earnings. Fear and insecurity among developers has put renewed focus on efforts to unionize the industry. One organization, Game Workers Unite, even has the vocal support of the AFL-CIO.

So far, no union group within any game industry organization in the United States has stepped forward to demand recognition, but many believe this is the year it may finally happen.”

For the full story, visit Polygon here.

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