Union Survey Reveals How Much (Underpaid) Teachers Spend on Their Students and Classrooms

By Sahid Fawaz

A labor union in Colorado wants the state and the rest of the country to know about a disturbing trend in public education.

The Denver Post reports:

“Colorado teachers spend an average of $656 of their own money on their students and classrooms each year, according to the state’s largest teachers union.

The Colorado Education Association reported surveying more than 2,000 of its members about their spending in 2017. The results were released Wednesday, several weeks into a legislative session in which state lawmakers are poised once again to debate how much money to spend on schools and how to remedy a teacher shortage that’s hitting rural districts especially hard.

The teachers union advocates for the state to spend more on K-12 education. But in the state budget process, schools compete with a range of needs, including transportation, which Republicans have named their top priority this session.

‘We don’t expect that a doctor would pay for prescriptions or copays for their patients, or that firefighters would have to pay for their own water hoses,’ the Colorado Education Association wrote in a short report summarizing the survey results. ‘Then why is it that educators must consistently use their own limited resources to do their jobs?'”

For the rest of the story, check out the full piece at the Denver Post here.

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