First Ever Washington, DC Directory of Responsible Employers Launched

The first ever directory of goods and services by responsible employers in the Washington, DC area is officially online!

The guide contains over 900 listings, which can be found via the directory at

Browse categories such as dining, hotels, printers, grocery stores, and more. Whether you are a DC area resident or just visiting the region, it is now easier than ever to find businesses that treat their workers fairly.

The DC area directory allows consumers to pinpoint by neighborhood where their shopping dollars are helping communities the most and, at the same time, avoid retailers that do not treat their workers well.

“The surge of fair wage ordinances has created an opportunity for responsible businesses to appeal to consumers who want to support good jobs,” says Joslyn Williams, President of the Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO. “This powerful consumer movement must be built on the ground in the nation’s most important cities, and our nation’s capital, which stands as a symbol to the world of American values, should be one of the leaders of this movement.”

Washington, DC is one of the nation’s top tourist destinations, drawing nearly 19 million people and generating $6.2 billion in visitor spending in 2012 alone. Labor 411’s DC guide will make it easy for residents and tourists to patronize employers that pay their employees a living wage, and drive business to these employers.

“Expanding to the nation’s capital is a major step forward in the effort to make it easy for consumers to support good jobs and ethical businesses with their buying power,” says Labor 411 publisher Cherri Senders. “As the movement for good jobs continues to grow, it is critical that Americans can direct their consumer dollars to employers that honor the value of fair pay for hard work.”


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