Workers in These 18 States Get a Minimum Wage Increase on New Year’s Day

By Sahid Fawaz

Wages are going up tomorrow in almost 20 states.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Minimum wage workers in 18 states will get a pay hike next week when higher wage floors go into effect around the country for 2018.

With the federal minimum wage remaining just $7.25 per hour, more and more states have opted to implement their own, higher rates that local employers must observe. Many of the bumps slated for New Year’s Day come courtesy of recent ballot initiatives approved by voters or bills passed by statehouses, in red and blue states alike.

Some of those states have laws requiring that the minimum wage is adjusted each year according to an inflation index, to rise with the cost of living. So several of the raises amount to less than a quarter an hour.

But other states that recently enacted new laws will have more significant increases. Maine’s will move a full dollar, to $10. Hawaii’s will rise 85 cents, to $10.10. And Colorado’s will increase 90 cents, to $10.20.

Here are the states with new minimum wages, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that tracks minimum wage legislation:

Alaska: $9.84, $.04 increase
Arizona: $10.50, $.50 increase
California: $11.00, $.50 increase
Colorado: $10.20, $.90 increase
Florida: $8.25, $.15 increase
Hawaii: $10.10, $.85 increase
Maine: $10.00, $1.00 increase
Michigan: $9.25, $.35 increase
Minnesota: $9.65, $.15 increase
Missouri: $7.85, $.15 increase
Montana: $8.30, $.15 increase
New Jersey: $8.60, $.16 increase
New York: $10.40, $.70 increase
Ohio: $8.30, $.15 increase
Rhode Island: $10.10, $.50 increase
South Dakota: $8.85, $.20 increase
Vermont: $10.50, $.50 increase
Washington: $11.50, $.50 increase

The institute estimates that the raises will impact 4.5 million workers.”

For the rest of the story, read the entire article at the Huffington Post here.

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