Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

By Sahid Fawaz

Next time you hear someone complain workplace regulations and unions, remind them of the fire at the the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in 1911. Unrestrained by workplace safety laws, the factory owners had locked the exits to the stairwells so that the workers - mostly young women aged 16 to 23 - could not take unauthorized breaks. The result was the unnecessary deaths of 146 people who couldn't escape the fire. 

First Day of Spring (Cleaning)

It’s the first day of spring! That means it’s time to break out the old elbow grease and do some cleaning this weekend. Labor 411 has some union-made cleaners, detergents and the like to get you started.

Five Dumb Things People Believe About Unions

By Sahid Fawaz

1. Unions are no longer necessary

Wage stagnation and a decline in real incomes for middle class families has become one of the biggest problems facing the country. The middle class is shrinking and college graduates are putting off buying homes and cars because of low salaries. Meanwhile productivity is higher than ever and corporate profits are through the roof. So where is the money going? Instead of to the worker, more and more of it is going to corporate execs and CEOs, leading to increasing income inequality.

Monopoly Turns 80

By Kelly Ross

Happy birthday to one of America’s most beloved board games, Monopoly! The union-made favorite that has brought millions of families together and is responsible for countless rivalries turns 80 today.

Listen: Labor 411 and America’s Work Force

America’s Work Force daily radio program broadcasts out of Cleveland and streams online as well, covering a wide variety of topics relevant to the American worker including legislative action, corporate practices and consumer reports, among others. On March 9 host Ed “Flash” Ferenc sat down with Labor 411 Founder and Publisher Cherri Senders.

Union Chef: St. Patrick’s Day Slow Cooked Corned Beef

By Linda Dao

Looking for a recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Try our easy slow cooked corned beef recipe. Simply throw all of the ingredients into a Crock-Pot and let the Crock-Pot do all of the work! As always, our recipes are designed to be prepared with union-made ingredients and support good jobs!

Nine Union-Made 2015 Cars Receive Top Safety Pick Rating

By Sahid Fawaz

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ("IIHS") conducts some of the toughest safety tests on cars. And each year it lists those cars that made it through with flying colors. For 2015, the list includes nine union-made cars that received the coveted "Top Safety Pick" rating, with one of them receiving the prestigious "Top Safety Pick +" designation. According to the IIHS, "to qualify for 2015 TOP SAFETY PICK+, a vehicle must meet the TOP SAFETY PICK criteria, plus earn an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention."

Lowe's Anti-Union Video is Bad. Really Bad.

By Sahid Fawaz

When watching the first eight minutes of the video below made for Lowe's store managers, I thought, "nothing looks too bad so far." But, as with virtually all corporate videos on unions, things get ugly and distorted quickly.

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