On Screen and Off: Labor Warrior Dolores Huerta Soldiers On

By Evan Henerson

Students of the labor movement can gain a new perspective on the life of activist United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta with the release of the new documentary “Dolores” opening over Labor Day weekend in New York and across the country over the next few weeks. The film is produced by Huerta’s longtime friend, the musician Carlos Santana and directed by Peter Bratt.

The Ethical Consumerista -- 5 Classic Board Games Turned into Drinking Games

By The Ethical Consumerista

If you’re the type of person who drinks for the right reasons, you’re looking to have a good time, preferably with friends and/or loved ones. Drinking games can take that experience to new heights of fun and laughs. But if throwing plastic balls into other people’s cups or drinking a mix of everyone’s drink isn’t that fun for you, we have another suggestion.

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