Throwback Thursday: Carnegie Steel and the Deadly Homestead Strike

By Michael Messina

The steel magnate Andrew Carnegie had a booming business in the late 1800s and wanted to keep it that way. But questionable methods in the hiring of Henry Frick and his ruthless implementation of a 12-hour work day, six days a week did not sit well with the workers. That meant a strike, hired guns, death, and ultimately regret on the part of a pro-labor businessman in Carnegie.  

New Year’s Celebration (and Relief)

Whether your throwing a bash or attending one, Labor 411 has the union-made goods to make your New Year's party the best in town. And if you're looking for relief on Jan. 1, we've got a few suggestions there as well.

Wealth Inequality: Trying to Close the Gap

By Michael Messina

The wealth gap in the United States is the largest we’ve ever experienced since the Federal Reserve started collecting statistics. That’s what the Pew Research Center found when they compared the latest numbers of upper- and middle-income households. These kinds of record numbers catch our attention here at Labor 411.

Union Chef: Apple Crisp

By Shelly Lurie

Looking to make a delicious dessert this holiday season but, don’t have the time or patience to follow a complicated recipe? We’ve got you covered with this easy-to-follow recipe for apple crisps (yum)!

Union Chef: Easy Gingerbread Houses

By Linda Dao

Looking for a holiday recipe that is a fun activity for the whole family? Our easy gingerbread house recipe is a classic. The best part of this recipe is that you can use it as holiday decor around the house as well as satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Final Shopping Weekend: Buy American

By Michael Messina

It's the final push for holiday gift shopping and Labor 411 founder and publisher Cherri Senders reminds us to try to buy U.S.A.-made and union-made gifts when possible. Patriot-Made has done a series of podcast with Senders on why spending even as little as 10 percent of your budget on products made by companies that pay and treat their workers fairly can really give the country a much-needed boost.

Throwback Thursday: ‘The Fight to End Child Labor’

By Michael Messina

The History Channel takes a look at how children were exploited as cheap laborers in often harsh conditions. Without labor laws, these children were underpaid, uneducated and were forced to endure dangerous jobs on a daily basis. As the video portrays, the people began to literally fight back with bold strikes that eventually led to unionization and the labor laws we have today.


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