Union-Made Passover 2014

ManischewitzOn April 14, Passover begins at sundown and feasts of matzo ball soup, gefilte fish and plenty of wine will highlight this holiday celebrating the Jewish peoples’ liberation from slavery. Labor 411 wants to contribute to the Seder table this year, so we found a great charoset recipe via Epicurious. It’s super easy and everyone will love it.

Purchase your apples and walnuts from any of these union grocery stores and use our other union-made ingredients to sweeten the deal. See even more great union-made products below to make your Passover celebration the best in town.

The Shocking Truth On How Much Prices Would Increase If Walmart Paid A Living Wage

by Sahid Fawaz

It’s no secret that Walmart’s failure to pay a living wage to its employees results in the rest of us footing the bill in the form of food stamps to Walmart workers. Opponents of a wage increase argue that it would result in price increases. But how much of an increase are we talking about really? This terrific video from Slate provides an eye-opening answer.

Source: Slate

9 out 10 Fast Food Employees Say They Are Victims Of Wage Theft

by Sahid Fawaz

Poverty wages. Little to no benefits. Stressful work environments. These are just a few of the ordeals that fast food workers have to endure as their employers make obscene amounts of money.

And now it gets worse: Over 1,000 fast food workers surveyed allege that their employers paid them less than they were legally entitled to. 

According to the L.A. Times:

Out of 1,088 respondents nationwide, 89% said they have been forced to do off-the-books work, been denied breaks, been refused overtime pay or been placed in similarly unsavory circumstances.

The same holds for 84% of McDonald’s workers, 92% of Burger King employees and 82% of Wendy’s rank and file.

According to the survey, there were "[o]ther alleged misdeeds: employers paying workers late, asking employees to wait before cashing their paychecks or forcing cashiers to pay up if the cash register’s contents don’t match records." 

Fed Up: NFL Cheerleader Wants More than $1,250 a Year

raiders-cheerleader 5How does a business that rakes in billions of dollars get away with paying less than minimum wage? That's what an Oakland Raiders cheerleader is asking the NFL in a lawsuit covered by ESPN here. The Guardian also released an article that nicely summed up the paltry compensation of these hard-working women:

Back in January, Oakland Raiderette Lacy T brought a suit on behalf of the entire squad. Factoring in practice hours, charitable appearances and the annual swimsuit calendar photo shoot on top of a 10-game commitment, he and her attorneys argued that the Raiderettes’ $1,250 annual wage worked out to less than $5 an hour. That’s a whole $3 below the state minimum.

Watch: 7.1 Million Reasons the ACA is Here to Stay

"The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay," proclaimed President Obama on Tuesday. Monday was the last day of open enrollment for the exchanges that have been set up under the new law, and according to the president, 7.1 million Americans signed up.

Middle and lower class America finally has a way to obtain affordable health insurance. And while the system still remains far from perfect, as Mr. Obama concedes in this video, it's a step in the right direction that has been a long time coming for this country.

Watch as President Obama makes some bold and uplifting proclamations at the announcement:

Six Surprising Facts About The Minimum Wage

By Sahid Fawaz
The minimum wage issue is back in the spotlight again as workers are increasingly struggling to meet their basic needs. Because of inflation and a lack of Congressional action, those on minimum wage have seen their purchasing power decline dramatically, which in turn results in less demand and a weaker economy. The must-see video below, which provides six surprising facts on the minimum wage, is a timely addition to the debate on the minimum wage and its importance to a healthy economy.

Interactive: Minimum Wage Evaporates Quickly

wage calculatorBy Michael Messina

While some call the discussion about minimum wage in this country a "debate," there are many that have already discovered (or are living proof) that it is not enough to survive on. We at Labor 411 push union-made products and services because of their direct connection to providing a respectable living wage for workers in this country.

The New York Times recently published an article explaining the direct and obvious benefits of raising the minimum wage. Last month, it would seem in order to prove an obvious point in a creative way, they also created a minimum wage calculator -- an interactive experience that visually displays how quickly a year's worth of minimum wage pay gets sucked up. We encourage you to check it out here if you haven't already.

They posit the question "Can You Live on the Minimum Wage?" We know a rhetorical question when we see one.

The Faces of the Kellogg Lockout

by Sahid Fawaz

Kellogg first locked out BCTGM members from its Memphis, TN plant over five months ago. This eye-opening video, courtesy of the AFL-CIO, explores the struggles that these workers face as a consequence of Kellogg's action.

Tim Allen and the American-Made Car

by Sahid Fawaz

Actor and funny-man Tim Allen provides a sneak peek into his awesome collection of American-made cars. From a 1965 Shelby Cobra to a 1950 Cadillac to a 1996 Chevy Impala, Allen's collection speaks volumes about the timeless quality of American-made automobiles. Included as well in his collection are a couple of German cars but we won't hold that against him since the Germans use union labor to build their fine vehicles. Check out his collection via the link below courtesy of GQ Magazine:

Homemade, Union Made Cleaners

heinz-vinegarBy Guest Blogger Ashley Beard-Fosnow

"Homemade, Union Made" might sound like an oxymoron, but you can make your own natural cleaning products out of the union made ingredients that you already have on hand.

Window Cleaner: Will clean glass without leaving streaks!

1/4-1/2 teaspoon Ajax (or Palmolive) Dish Liquid

3 Tablespoons Heinz (or Speas) White Distilled Vinegar

2 Cups water

Combine ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to mix.