Every Night at Dodger Stadium, UNITE HERE Workers Hit Home Runs

By Evan Henerson

It takes a small village to operate a stadium, as anybody who has ever attended a professional sporting event can attest. Granted, we sports fans go to the ballpark to take in the on-field action, but the overall experience would be quite a bit diminished without the hard work of the stadium employees who make it all hum.

6 Fruity Cocktails to Beat the Heat!

By The Ethical Consumerista

Nothing hits the spot quite like an icy cocktail. Add in some refreshing fruit, and you’ve got a drink perfect for even the most grueling of summer days. Whether you’re into vodka, rum or tequila, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, we have included ingredients made by companies that treat their workers with respect.

Nissan vs. UAW: With Crucial Unionization Vote, Things are Getting Ugly

By Evan Henerson

Later this week, workers at the Nissan assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi are scheduled to vote whether to unionize with United Auto Workers (UAW). The decision, which could cover more than 4,000 workers, has garnered national attention including the support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who attended a rally in March.

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