Ethical Consumer Week Spotlight - Philadelphia Tastykakes

By Evan Henerson

The wait is over. Ethical Consumer Week has arrived!

During ECW, we celebrate the good guys, the employers who treat their workers fairly, pay them good wages and benefits and give them a voice on the job. For 10 years, Labor 411 has been helping savvy consumers locate these ethical businesses through our online database and our printed directories to the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia with our inaugural New York edition due out later this year.

Protesting Teachers Show the Terrifying Conditions of Oklahoma's Schools

By Sahid Fawaz

Why are Oklahoma teachers walking out?

Aside from awful pay, the lack of funding for schools has reached a critical level.

The video below by Oklahoma teachers shows just how bad things have become. Maybe legislators should watch this video the next time they want to give tax cuts to the wealthy or fund a multi-billion dollar warplane (singular).

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