Beware the Dirty Dozen: 12 Places you Do NOT want to Work

By Evan Henerson

With Workers Memorial Day, it’s way too easy to find examples of unsafe working conditions. 

 May Day! May Day!

By Spike Dolomite Ward

May Day (aka International Workers’ Day) is a national public holiday in Europe.  Since 2006, May 1 has been a national day of immigrant rights in the US.

All Things Labor-ific at DC LaborFest

By Evan Henerson

From its semi-humble beginnings 17 years ago as a weekend film festival focusing on labor related movies, the DC LaborFest has grown, diversified and blossomed into a month-long cultural event. The 2017 lineup, which kicks off Monday, includes 22 films, 17 labor tours, walks, bike rides, cultural tours and – new this year -  a union beer and whiskey tasting sponsored by Labor 411.

Trump Just Changed his Tune on NAFTA After Campaigning he Would Kill It

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump called NAFTA the worst trade deal that the U.S. has ever made.

The New (Old) Faces of Trump’s Labor Team?

By Evan Henerson

Are these the men and women (who are we kidding? They’re all men!) who could conceivably plunge unions back into the Dark Ages?

Auto Supply Company to Bring Hundreds of New Jobs to Detroit and Trump Had Nothing to Do With It

By Sahid Fawaz

Detroit is getting a huge investment and hundreds of jobs with it.

The Reshoring Movement: How the Manufacturing Industry is Bringing Jobs Back to America

By Dennis Spaeth

As automation and tools for engineering have improved, so has the manufacturing industry. But with more advanced technology comes a more complex industry and a larger need for highly trained individuals. When elected officials and manufacturing experts speak of the reshoring movement, this more complex industry is a large contributing factor to their arguments.

Workers are Grinding Gears at Tesla

By Evan Henerson

They claim to work for a company that builds the world’s #1 car, but employees at Tesla Motors think they’re getting decidedly #2 treatment from the company as they discuss efforts to unionize.

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