Tidy Your Way to a Stronger America

By Michael Messina

With the sunshine coming around,  it’s time to knock the cobwebs down and get to the spring cleaning. In the yard or around the house, the supplies below are produced by ethical employers. With Labor 411 it's easy to clean your way to a stronger America!

Laboring to find Union Workers in the L.A. Construction Industry

By Evan Henerson

A recent examination of construction industry data in an L.A. Times cover story is both illuminating and depressing.

Legislators in this Southern State Want to Put "Right to Work" in the State Constitution


By Sahid Fawaz

North Carolina, like many states in the South, has long been a "right to work" state.

Trump Wants to Slash Funding for a National Parks System that Employs Over 300,000

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump is waging war on our National Parks system. 

Blinded by Science

By Robert Fulton

Not since the Dark Ages has science been so demonized.

No Love for Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order

By Evan Henerson

“A lie,” “hurts the economy,” “empty,” “meaningless,” “protectionist” and – my personal favorite “hooey.”

Here is the Anti-Union Video Kmart Sent to Its Workers Right Before an NLRB Election

By Sahid Fawaz

One has to wonder that if unions are as bad as corporations would have us believe, why would they need to create videos like the ones below to sway their workers to vote anti-union?

Restaurant Industry Shenanigans in the Bay Area

By Evan Henerson

Note to would-be restaurant workers: consider starting your career someplace other than the San Francisco Bay Area. Great weather, lots of culture, but the restaurant industry…

This Graphic Shows How Taxpayers Subsidize Walmart's Reluctance to Pay a Living Wage

By Sahid Fawaz

Some companies get rich based on their innovation, business genius, and great products.

SEIU, Unions Brace for Gorsuch

By Evan Henerson

A collective shudder was heard across the labor movement the moment Neil Gorsuch was sworn into office last week. 

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