Call to Consumers

The Labor 411 Foundation invites consumers to change their spending habits by 10% during Ethical Consumer Week, April 10-14.

10 Easy Ways to Be an Ethical Consumer

By Kelly Ross

Ethical Consumer Week is April 10-14. Here’s how you can participate!

Kellogg’s Chooses People Over Profits

By Kelly Ross

Ethical Consumer Week is just around the corner (April 10-14, #ECW). During that time, Labor 411 is asking people to shop ethically by patronizing companies that treat their employees well. With a long history of putting people over profits, Kellogg Company serves as a prime example.

Ethical Consumer Day is Official

By Kelly Ross

On Tuesday, April 5 the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed April 11 as Ethical Consumer Day. In the chambers of City Hall, City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield honored Labor 411 and emphasized the importance of ethical consumerism.

Report: Obscene CEO Pay Is a Result of Dumb Luck not Performance

By Sahid Fawaz

CEOs love to pat themselves on the back for their outlandish compensation.

Human Jobs on the Brink in Automation Economy

By Evan Henerson

Over the past several weeks, we have regaled you about self-checkout machines, calling them job-killers (which they are) and encouraging any consumers who actually care about the future of flesh and blood workers to take a stand during Ethical Consumer Week – April 10 to 14 – by boycotting these machines.

Watch: Construction Workers Boo Trump When He Says He Has Their Support

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump wants to believe that American workers love him.

Costco is Awesome

By Michael Messina

During Ethical Consumer Week (April 10-14, #ECW) Labor 411 is asking that people shop ethically via companies that treat their employees well. A company that inevitably comes up in these conversations is Costco.

Equal Pay Day: Some Numbers Behind a No-Brainer

By Evan Henerson

Some things seem stupidly almost criminally simple. Women should be paid as much as men. Equal rights should mean equal opportunities. Period. End of story. 

The Indiana Factory That Trump Promised to Stop Has Begun Its Move to Mexico

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump claims that he will be the greatest jobs president ever.

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