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Question: I got hurt on the job. can I go to any doctor I want for treatment? My employer says no.

Answer: In most instances, a workers’ compensation carrier will have a medical provider network or MPN in place for the treatment of work place injuries; in such instances, an injured worker needs to go a doctor within that network. If you don’t like the doctor, you can change to another doctor within the network.

If you designated a personal physician to provide you treatment in the event of a worker’ compensation injury before this injury, you can obtain treatment outside the medical provider network. A pre-designation form can be found at our web site at under the Resources section. It won’t help you for your current injury, but you should consider providing it to all future employers.

There are a few other ways that you can get treatment outside the MPN. If the workers’ compensation carrier has not followed all of the rules for properly setting it up, then you might be able to pick your own doctor. Or, if the MPN does not have sufficient physicians within an appropriate geographic area of your home, that might permit you to select your own doctor too. You generally will need to speak with a lawyer to assess whether you can treat outside the network.

Chris Viadro, Partner

Butler Viadro, LLP