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Labor 411 offers the only city-specific guides to union-made goods and services in the U.S. In them you will find a wide range of labor friendly businesses, from hotels to plumbers to restaurants, and so much more! Purchase this handy guide and always know you can support the companies that support good jobs.


Labor 411: Los Angeles

Featuring more than 8,500 products and services, find LA-area hotels, restaurants, printers, attorneys, health clinics and more that are all proud to say Union-Made!

$7.95 Includes s/h

Labor 411: SF Book

Labor 411: San Francisco

This guide to the City by the Bay includes thousands of quality union hotels, restaurants, health care facilities and union-friendly attorneys, accountants and banks to help make your dollars count.

$3.49 Includes s/h

Labor 411: DC Book

Labor 411: Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. is a city packed with personality and history. This guide will take you to labor friendly museums, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and a whole lot more.

$3.49 Includes s/h


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