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Labor 411 offers the only comprehensive directories of union-made goods and services in the USA. Labor 411 enables consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that help rebuild our middle class. So make sure your dollars go toward building a stronger America.
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Labor 411: Los Angeles

Featuring more than 5,000 products and services, find LA-area hotels, restaurants, printers, attorneys, health clinics and more that are all proud to say Union-Made!

$7.95 Includes s/h

Labor 411: LA Entertainment Guide

Labor 411: Los Angeles Entertainment Guide

Don’t miss this great tourist guide on more than 100 great places to Eat, Play and Stay Union in Los Angeles. Includes maps and public transportation.

$1.49 Includes s/h

Labor 411: SF Book

Labor 411: San Francisco

This guide to the City by the Bay includes thousands of quality union hotels, restaurants, health care facilities and union-friendly attorneys, accountants and banks to help make your dollars count.

$2.49 Includes s/h

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