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Labor Day in L.A.: Snoop Dogg, the Dodgers, Parades and More

By Michael Messina

Labor Day is buzzing in Los Angeles. Whether you’re visiting or a local, there are plenty of awesome, labor-friendly events throughout the city. We’ve found five of our favorites where you can feel the beat with Snoop Dogg or grab a Dodger Dog with the boys in blue.

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Four Unethical Brands to Boycott this Labor Day

By Sahid Fawaz

1. Anything made by Mondelēz in Mexico

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Make the FairHotel Choice for Labor Day

By Evan Henerson

Admit it…the road still beckons. You still need one more vacation - or maybe an in-town “leave the dishes in the sink” stayaction - before the summer unofficially ends Labor Day, and the fall craziness kicks in.

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