by Sahid Fawaz

What would a world look like without a strong labor movement? These eight pictures give a glimpse into the harsh work enivronments in countries where labor and safety regulations are virtually nonexistent, where unions are scarce, and where rights for workers are nowhere to be found. Without labor unions to push for reforms and protections in these countries, workers will continue to be at the mercy of their employers and receive meager pay while working in unconscionable workplaces. When someone tells you that the time for unions has come and gone, share these images with them as a reminder that unions are as necessary as ever in today’s world.

Children workers at a balloon plant.

Labor 411 is celebrating the start of football season, and Part 2 of our series features all the necessary bowl-fillers, beer and other refreshments to keep your guests satisfied. And like the players on the field, the employees who produce these goods are union members. If you bring this list to the store, you know that labor is winning (and hopefully so is your team)!


Act II Popcorn
Bagel Bites

It’s finally football season! Thursday marks the first regular season matchup and you need to make sure you’re ready for all this big games this weekend. For Part 1 or our series, Labor 411 has a few suggestions for the basics as you prepare to ensure your game day is as union friendly as possible.

Union-made footballs

Before you flop on to the couch for a few hours, toss your own pigskin around for a little while. Get the blood flowing and maybe even put your own scrimmage together. Either way, purchase a Wilson football and know that it is union made by Workers United members.

by Sahid Fawaz

Anti-union, anti-regulation types always speak about the utopia that allegedly exists in a free market. Well, over a hundred years ago an unregulated workplace existed in America and it wasn’t pretty. And children were among the most innocent of victims of free market greed run amok. These eleven pictures capture that era when children were often sent to work as young 5 years old, with many never getting a chance at education or a normal childhood. It’s a good thing that unions and progressives were around to champion the interests of those who couldn’t stand up for themselves and finally put an end to child labor for those under 12 years old with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. 

By Michael Messina

Labor Day signifies the end of the summer vacation, which means one last travel push. Virgin America recently had a breakthrough with the unionization of their flight attendants (now with the Transport Workers Union of America), so in their honor we have put together a list of unionized airlines as well as some other forms of transportation.

So whether you’re getting there by air, rail or asphalt, make sure it’s union.

By Shelly Lurie

Summer is coming to a close so we’d like to leave you with one last refreshing yet tangy recipe for a sangria-type drink, get this, made with beer! We love our union-made beer.

Make this beer sangria for a Labor Day BBQ or enjoy anytime throughout the year!

As always, our recipes are designed to be prepared with union-made ingredients and support unionized grocery stores.