• Call to Consumers

    The Labor 411 Foundation invites consumers to change their spending habits by 10% during Ethical Consumer Week, April 10-14.

  • Think Before You Spend this Christmas

    By Spike Dolomite-Ward
    Labor 411 Foundation Development Director

    I’m dreaming of a Blue Christmas with every Christmas gift I buy.


  • Not a Peep: Marshmallow Strike in PA

    By Michael Messina

    The candy company Just Born makes a lot of familiar and nostalgic American sweets: Marshmallow Peeps, Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales. But Wednesday, about 200 union workers walked off the job in Pennsylvania after contract negotiations failed with their employer.

  • Make the FairHotel Choice for Labor Day

    By Evan Henerson

    Admit it…the road still beckons. You still need one more vacation - or maybe an in-town “leave the dishes in the sink” stayaction - before the summer unofficially ends Labor Day, and the fall craziness kicks in.

  • Watch: It’s Not Just Oreo – Check for Made in Mexico

    By Michael Messina

    Labor 411’s goal has always been to provide a guide to products and services in the U.S. that support good jobs in this country, as with our BuyBlue campaign, which is why we’ve been troubled over a certain favorite cookie of ours lately: Oreo. Mondelez, Oreo’s parent company, recently decided to shut down a storied Chicago Oreo plantand head to Mexico. This means checking the label on those blue packages is now a must in order to find out if it is domestically produced. But it doesn’t end with Oreo.

  • The Word on “TheStreet”: Buy Blue

    By Evan Henerson

    While unions got plenty of love at the Democratic National Convention’s first ever Labor Caucus, reporter Emily Stewart of TheStreet visited with a couple of organizations that are encouraging people to buy union as well.

  • Dispatches from the DNC – Elizabeth Warren Rocks the Labor Caucus

    By Spike Dolomite Ward

    The second DNC Labor Caucus was quite an event, featuring speakers New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, AFT President Randi Weingarten and legendary labor leader Dolores Huerta.

  • Dispatches from the DNC - #BuyBlue Featured on America’s Work Force Radio

    Our #BuyBlue campaign has gone national, with hundreds of thousands of people at the Democratic National Convention learning of Labor 411’s campaign to stimulate the creation of good jobs through responsible spending.

  • Dispatches from the DNC - #BuyBlue

    By Spike Dolomite Ward

    We’re on the ground at the most memorable Democratic National Conventions in history – the nomination of the first woman president of the United States – and Labor 411 is right in the middle of it!

  • Celebrate National Picnic Month

    By Michael Messina

    July is National Picnic Month and Labor 411 has put together a great list of supplies. Find a shady spot, settle down and lay out the spread with this BuyBlue-approved picnic. Celebrate National Picnic Month with Labor 411 and know you supporting good jobs.