• Pizza Bagels from the Ethical Chef

    Pizzas and bagels: two bready delicacies that some wise person decided would go great together.

  • Daily Skin Care Routines - The Ethical Way

    By the Ethical Consumerista

    When it comes to skin care, with so many options out in the market and every other magazine or website having their own take on it, don’t you wish someone would just tell you what you need in your daily routine? Well, that’s exactly what this list is for: to make your life easier. From why you need a toner to why it’s not a good idea to use an exfoliating cleanser every day, we’ve got the answers to all your questions. Needless to say, we stress the importance of highlighting ethical brands made by companies that treat their workers right.

  • 7 Typical Dishes Made Better with Bacon from the Ethical Chef

    By the Ethical Chef

    In a time when it seems like everyone has a dietary restriction of some sort, like gluten-free, vegan, or paleo, it’s sad to be confronted with the reality that what you put into your body actually matters. But there needs to be a bit of leeway in our diet in order to enjoy this cruel thing we call life.

  • Confessions of an Ethical Manufacturer


    By Daniel Cardozo


    I can find no better word to describe what it's like to be a socially-conscious consumer. It's a word, and a feeling, I've become very familiar with over the years, every time I reach into my wallet to pay for the goods -- like apparel and electronics -- that are so ubiquitous in the modern world.

  • Load up Your Baked Potatoes with Ethical Ingredients


    By the Ethical Chef

    When we call our baked potatoes “loaded,” we mean it in a good way. The cheese, the sour cream, the bacon…put ‘em all together and your spud will emerge locked, loaded and ready to devour. Not only that, when you prepare these potatoes using the right brands of ingredients made by companies who treat their workers fairly, you too will be armed for the fight to promote good jobs and strengthen the middle class.

  • The Ethical Consumerista -- 5 Classic Board Games Turned into Drinking Games

    By The Ethical Consumerista

    If you’re the type of person who drinks for the right reasons, you’re looking to have a good time, preferably with friends and/or loved ones. Drinking games can take that experience to new heights of fun and laughs. But if throwing plastic balls into other people’s cups or drinking a mix of everyone’s drink isn’t that fun for you, we have another suggestion.

  • Beef Tacos from the Ethical Chef

    By the Ethical Chef

    Have you ever wondered what’s in the food that hits your dinner table? No, we’re not talking about the nutritional value. You have control over that. We’re talking about whether the companies that produce the ingredients are treating their workers with dignity and respect. Does your dinner help promote good jobs and strengthen the middle class?

  • 6 Fruity Cocktails to Beat the Heat!

    By The Ethical Consumerista

    Nothing hits the spot quite like an icy cocktail. Add in some refreshing fruit, and you’ve got a drink perfect for even the most grueling of summer days. Whether you’re into vodka, rum or tequila, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, we have included ingredients made by companies that treat their workers with respect.

  • 5 Quick and Simple Beauty Routines when You're on the Go

    By The Ethical Consumerista

    Even if you’re in a rush, you don't have to leave the house looking like an extra from “The Walking Dead.” Here’s a quick list of products that are your go-to basics when you’re in a hurry but still want to look well-put together. The products below also have the added benefit of being manufactured by companies that treat their workers well.

  • 4 Easy Side Dishes and Appetizers for the 4th of July

    By The Ethical Consumerista

    At last, our country’s proudest holiday, and one of the most fun during the summer, is right around the corner. Fourth of July parties, barbeques, and every type of get together are being planned nationwide as we speak.

    If you’re not organizing one yourself, you’ll surely be invited to one, and no one wants to be that person who comes to a party empty handed. But cooking can be hard and stressful, right?

    Not with these easy and quick –to-prepare side dishes and appetizers that require few ingredients. And because you don’t want to bring a dish no one likes to the potluck, here are four crowd-pleasers that will make you the hero.

    And speaking of heroes, by choosing ethical products at the right stores, you will be supporting companies who pay a living wage and treat their employees well.