Ethical Consumer Week

  • By Evan Henerson

    Which came first, the chocolate or the Square? No, it wasn’t the chocolate squares?

  • By Evan Henerson

    When you’re in New York, provided you have the means, you go to a Broadway show. Like the commercial says, “It’s what you do.”

    And why do you go specifically to a Broadway show as opposed to, say, the neighborhood playhouse around the corner? Well, a lot of the time it’s because of the professional quality of the stage performers. “Talent” may be in the eye of the beholder, but performers who are members of Actors Equity Association (AEA) have trained and worked hard to get that recognition.

  • By Evan Henerson

    The wait is over. Ethical Consumer Week has arrived!

    During ECW, we celebrate the good guys, the employers who treat their workers fairly, pay them good wages and benefits and give them a voice on the job. For 10 years, Labor 411 has been helping savvy consumers locate these ethical businesses through our online database and our printed directories to the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia with our inaugural New York edition due out later this year.

  • The sun is shining bright and with summer coming up quick the grill needs to be put to work. We’ve also got plenty of BuyBlue-approved games, drinks and snacks to make your party a smash hit during #ECW.

  • Ethical Consumer Week is this week and the Easter Bunny will soon be making his rounds and filling up baskets with a vibrant assortment of goodies. You can make sure his stock is BuyBlue approved! Our list of Easter supplies below will help you make this Easter a festive and colorful day, all while helping to support good jobs.

  • By Evan Henerson

    There are thousands of easy ways a person can do the right thing and be a good, jobs-saving consumer during Ethical Consumer Week (#ECW). Not all of them involve purchasing ethical products. 

  • By Evan Henerson

    What’s the greatest part about consumers choosing to spend their dollars wisely to support good jobs and bolster the middle class?

  • Welcome to the great outdoors! It’s camping season and Labor 411 has put together another great camping list with products that help support a strong middle class during Ethical Consumer Week. Make a melty s’more or just kick back in the sun and know your trip’s got the BuyBlue stamp of approval.

  • We’ve got more than 250 union-made beers to make your Ethical Consumer Week that much sweeter – or bitter, as the case may be. And you gotta have snacks to go with those suds, so we’ve got a list of tasty muchables, too. By supporting brewers who treat their employees fairly, you’re helping us all drink our way to a stronger America!

  • The Labor 411 Foundation invites consumers to change their spending habits by 10% during Ethical Consumer Week, April 10-14.