• By Michael Messina

    The trailer for the newly-released film “Sausage Party” depicts the comical horrors of animated hot dogs, fruits, vegetables and other grocery staples encountering the brutal reality of what happens to food when in makes its way to the kitchen. After reports that the animators working on the film were forced to work unpaid overtime, it’s not hard to imagine those artists were channeling a bit of their own disgust.

  • By Kelly Ross

    While most people associate film with Southern California, the movie industry is not exclusive to Los Angeles. In fact several well known films were shot in Philadelphia. Labor 411 has compiled a list of a few of these union-made films. Though not all of these films were shot in their entirety in Philly, the famous landmarks, eateries and museums make for great big city backdrops in the movies.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    The third-annual DC LaborFest is taking place throughout the month of May and you better believe labor arts and culture are on full display. Anchored by the DC Labor FilmFest – which includes screenings of Concussion, 99 Homes, The 33, and much more – the annual festival boasts everything from film screenings and live music to soccer and lectures on labor history.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    This week’s union film recommendation is the Oscar-nominated “Mad Max: Fury Road,” directed by George Miller.  “Fury Road” is up for a whopping 10 Oscar nominations this year, including Best Picture, which makes it the second-most nominated film behind “The Revenant.” The incredible stunts and action scenes in the film – which look AMAZING even without CGI – were also union made.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    This weekend’s inaugural union film recommendation is The Revenant, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu of Birdman fame. The film, based on true events, follows a group of trappers and hunters in the unsettled wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase, and it was backed by an awesome union crew.