• By Tim Paulson, Executive Director San Francisco Labor Council and Cherri Senders, President Labor 411

    As we digest the bitter national election, we must acknowledge that the holidays are here, and Bay Area residents have more than earned the opportunity to enjoy the yuletide spirit. 

  • By Patrick Eiding and Cherri Senders

    As easy as it is to get caught up in gift giving and capitalism, the holiday season is also a time to look back at the achievements of organized labor in the continuing fight for workers’ rights. In 2016, Philadelphia witnessed massive gains for workers when the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the union representing nearly 5,000 workers finalized a new contract providing members wage increases and pension improvements. RNs at four area hospitals voted this year to join the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals – nurses at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and at Hahnemann University Hospital recently ratified their first union  contracts, and RNs at Temple University Hospital ratified a strong, new contract, as well.

  • We hear that Santa still needs to pack some gifts for the stockings and he’s looking for suggestions. Labor 411 has more than a few great gifts that will fit the bill! Send your list to the North Pole and see what union-made goodies come back.

  • By Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer L.A. County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, President Labor 411

    Despite a November election that has left the country bitterly divided, the 2016 holiday season is no occasion for bitterness. As we near the end of another successful year in the ongoing fight for better wages, hours and benefits, our dedicated L.A. workers have reason for celebration. Highlights from 2016 include United Food and Commercial Workers agreeing on a new contract that protects more than 50,000 grocery workers, the creation of the Los Angeles Reentry Workforce Collaborative, the passage of the affordable housing and local jobs ballot measure Proposition JJJ, and citywide participation in the Day of Disruption in support of union rights and a higher minimum wage for workers across a spectrum of industries. Whatever the season, we can count on L.A’s unions to stay hawkish for positive change throughout the city and nationally.

  • By Jackie Jeter, President of the Metro Washington Labor Council AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, President of Labor 411

    After surviving a game-changing national election that will change the landscape of our nation, Washington DC gears up for the final holiday season of the Obama administration. From a union perspective, 2016 has been a year of action and progress. A few of the many highlights include supporting our service workers brothers and sisters in their continuing fight for a living wage at National and Washington Dulles Airports, seeing the United Food and Commercial Workers approve new contracts with Safeway and Giant, and our continued participation in the ongoing Fight for 15. We salute the work of all our union brothers and sisters in their fight to build a strong middle class.

  • By Spike Dolomite-Ward
    Labor 411 Foundation Development Director

    I’m dreaming of a Blue Christmas with every Christmas gift I buy.


  • By Michael Messina

    This holiday season, Labor 411 is taking a look at what companies have been naughty or nice recently, highlighting ethical moves that make us smile and shaming the ones that put profit over people. Today we look at the outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia.

  • By Michael Messina

    The glorious madness of holiday shopping is in full swing. Right now the power of the consumer dollar is amplified with the sheer amount of spending Americans do this time of year, which is why Labor 411 has put together a Buy Union, Buy American shopping list. We’ve got something for everybody and making an extra effort to purchase these awesome products and support these companies will help boost the economy and strengthen the middle class.

  • By Sandy Southivilay

    For all the late shoppers running out of gift shopping time, why not make one instead? Here is a great gift idea that is easy and inexpensive – Reindeer Noses Holiday Treats! It only requires heading to your local union grocery stores. This gift idea is fun, yummy, and will support good jobs. Why not give it a try and earn some kudos this holiday for being crafty, creative, and for shopping union!

  • By Ross Lenihan

    As we move into the heart of the holiday season, millions of Americans are preparing to sit down for holiday food and merriment. If you’re like many Americans, this also involves enjoying the annual holiday-themed movies. Here at Labor 411, we’ve got you covered. Because not only is film a heavily unionized industry, there are great union holiday flicks to watch regardless of your taste.