• The USPS, a union operation, is really busy right now

    By Michael Messina

    Monday, December 14 was expected to be the busiest delivery day of the year for the United States Postal Service with an estimated 612 million pieces of mail delivered. This is only one day during the hectic holiday season when 15.5 billion cards, packages and more will be delivered between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It takes a lot of union hands to keep an operation like that clicking.

  • By Michael Messina

    Whether it’s Mom, the boss, a sister, or the love of your life, shopping for her can sometimes scramble the brain. We came up with a quick list of some presents for any and every lady in your life.

  • Union-Made Cars: The Ultimate Holiday Surprise

    The U.S. auto industry is back and enjoying an amazing period of innovation, growth and yes, even profitability. With the United Auto Workers teaming up with Detroit’s Big Three, American manufacturers are turning out vehicles that any proud American would love to own, or wrap a giant bow around for that lucky someone.

    Auto sales are moving at a record-setting pace this year and the union-made American brands are leading the way. The holiday season is the biggest spending season of the year and if you’re getting the ultimate gift for the person at the top of your nice list, consider one of these high-quality vehicles.

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    Lincoln Navigator

    Buick LaCrosse
    Chevy Corvette
    Chevy Camaro
    Chevy Suburban
    Chevy Impala
    Cadillac CTS
    Cadillac ATS

    Dodge Challenger
    Dodge Charger
    Dodge Viper
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Wrangler
    Find even more vehicles

  • By Ross Lenihan

    The holiday season is supposed to be a time for joy, merriment, and quality time with family and friends. However, not everyone has been playing nice this year.

    Below is a list of 5 corporate grinches that have recently made the news:

    1. Trump Las Vegas

  • By Jos Williams, President of the Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, Publisher of Labor 411

    If it’s December in the nation’s capital, it must mean residents and visitors alike are gearing up to celebrate the holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. But first, let’s be sure take a moment to thank our Washington, DC union brothers and sisters on the front lines fighting for better wages, hours, and benefits for all of us.

  • By Tim Paulson, Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, Publisher of Labor 411

    As we enter the home stretch of the holiday season, there’s a whole lot of ways for thoughtful San Francisco residents and visitors to have fun while making their communities better than battling fellow shoppers for those desperate last-minute gifts. Whether it’s visiting the theater, the zoo, or even Six Flags, visitors and residents to the City by the Bay have plenty of opportunities to support good, local jobs while having fun over the holidays.

  • By Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, Publisher of Labor 411

    It’s the Holiday Season in Southern California. Not only can you count on residents complaining about the weather dipping below 60 degrees, you can also bet on Angelinos and visitors alike getting in the spirit of the holidays – by the beach. It’s a good time of year to kick back and have some fun with friends and family, all while supporting good local jobs.

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    We at Labor 411 believe that the holiday season is a great time for consumers to exercise their buying power by supporting companies that employ proud union labor. Our dollars are our votes in the marketplace - and we like to vote for those businesses that provide fair wages and benefits.

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    Americans invented bourbon. And union labor is responsible for producing barrels of the good stuff every day for the world to enjoy!

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    Cold weather and wine go hand in hand. Nothing like drinking a glass of red wine next to a warm fireplace.