Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl Celebrations? Next Time Call in the ConAgra Cops

    By Oren Peleg

    If the Philadelphia Eagles pull off an upset and stun the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Philly is going to turn into one huge party.

    And that’s exactly what city officials are afraid of.

  • Philadelphia Eagles Star Malcolm Jenkins: Union Hero or Villain?

    By Oren Peleg

    Looking for a rooting interest in Super Bowl LII? Get to know a key player on the field a little better and see if it tips the scales.

  • Minneapolis Union Workers: The Unsung Heroes of Super Bowl LII

    By Oren Peleg

    Minnesota football fans were devastated after their beloved Vikings fell one win short of hosting a Super Bowl at home in the Twin Cities. Still, the show must go on and it will.

    But who’s really behind the scenes accommodating Minneapolis’ massive influx of tourists and making sure the premier American sports event goes off without a hitch?

  • 31 Years ago, a Players Strike Paved the Way for The Modern NFL

    By Evan Henerson

    Are NFL players “prisoners” or “cattle?” Apparently that depends on which owner is doing the phrasing, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Just Another Low-Wage Day: Cheerleaders and the Big Game

    By Kelly Ross

    Over the years the National Football League has become known not only for its great games and world renowned players, but also for its glamorous cheerleaders. It’s impossible to think of a live NFL game and not think of these gorgeous women pumping up the crowd on the sidelines and supporting their team. So, how much do they make for a day of work at the venue hosting the most popular day in sports, the Super Bowl? The International Business Times attempted to find out what cheerleaders made for the Super Bowl last year and got nowhere. There’s probably a reason they’re keeping mum, because here’s what we do know:

  • Super Bowl 50: 5 Comparisons of Denver v. Charlotte

    By Ross Lenihan

    Come this Sunday, the NFL will crown a new Super Bowl champion. We’ve already documented how union the big event is, but what about the actual cities that play host to the Broncos and Panthers?

  • Bad Bosses - NFL Edition

    By Ross Lenihan

    While much of the Super Bowl will have some sort of union connection, the NFL, like any workplace, has some terrible bosses. These are the guys who take public taxpayer dollars in the forms of stadiums and other transfers, who seek way too much control over their players and employees, and who frequently put squads on the field that are less talented and competitive than their pocketbooks can afford.

  • 5 Union-Made Football Flicks to Catch before Super Bowl 50

    By Ross Lenihan

  • How Union is Super Bowl 50?

    By Ross Lenihan

    Grab the pigskin and fire up the grill, because after five months and 266 games Super Bowl 50 is upon us! By far the most televised TV sports event in America, the Super Bowl is also a heavily union affair.

  • Union Chef: Super Bowl Sliders* (*Good for Conference Championships, too)

    By Sandy Southivilay

    The NFL Conference Championships are this weekend and the Super Bowl is soon to follow, so we’ve come up with an easy-to-make and savory appetizer for your parties! The Super Bowl Slider will quickly become a favorite among partygoers. It’s positively a touchdown-worthy bite you wouldn’t want to miss! Like all our recipes, we use union-made ingredients. Support good jobs and enjoy!