Unite Here

  • Every Night at Dodger Stadium, UNITE HERE Workers Hit Home Runs

    By Evan Henerson

    It takes a small village to operate a stadium, as anybody who has ever attended a professional sporting event can attest. Granted, we sports fans go to the ballpark to take in the on-field action, but the overall experience would be quite a bit diminished without the hard work of the stadium employees who make it all hum.

  • Spend Wisely and Chow Down During Ethical Consumer Week

    By Evan Henerson

    What’s the greatest part about consumers choosing to spend their dollars wisely to support good jobs and bolster the middle class?

  • Skip Trump and "Rise" with Cleve Jones and UNITE HERE

    By Evan Henerson

    UNITE HERE can take some special pride with the airing of the ABC miniseries “When we Rise” which chronicles the history of the U.S. gay liberation movement through the real life stories of five activists. The four-part event kicks off tonight at 9 pm. and continues Wednesday through Friday.

  • National Labor Relations Board to Trump - Get to the Table!

    By Evan Henerson

    If Donald Trump ever thought he would receive any kind of voter love from organized labor, the most recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) may well have driven a nail into his already sealed-up coffin.

  • Make the FairHotel Choice for Labor Day

    By Evan Henerson

    Admit it…the road still beckons. You still need one more vacation - or maybe an in-town “leave the dishes in the sink” stayaction - before the summer unofficially ends Labor Day, and the fall craziness kicks in.

  • Organized Labor at the DNC

    By Kelly Ross

    This year’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has been jam packed with excitement as the Democratic Party made history by officially nominating Hillary Clinton as its candidate for the 2016 presidential election. 
    However, that’s not the only thing exciting about the just-concluded convention.

  • The Word on “TheStreet”: Buy Blue

    By Evan Henerson

    While unions got plenty of love at the Democratic National Convention’s first ever Labor Caucus, reporter Emily Stewart of TheStreet visited with a couple of organizations that are encouraging people to buy union as well.

  • Trump Spends $500,000 to Prevent Union at Trump Las Vegas

    By Ross Lenihan

    GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump loves reminding us just how well he gets along with unions. In fact, he thinks he’ll get more union votes than Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton come November. So why, then, would his firm spend half a million dollars to defeat a union drive at his beloved Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas?

  • Flashback Friday: The Birth of Weingarten Rights

    By Sandy Southivilay

    On Feb. 19, 1975, a tremendous Supreme Court decision was upheld in favor of labor unions. The National Labor Relations Board versus J. Weingarten, Inc. case was a huge win for labor. This case held that under the National Labors Relations Act, union employees have the right to the presence of a union steward during an investigatory meeting in which the employee feels would result in discipline.

  • Sandwiches for Solidarity

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    By Kelly Ross

    Los Angeles is home to some of the best eateries in California, and some of the best are union. Langer’s Delicatessen, situated in Downtown Los Angeles on Alvarado St., happens to be one of them. This old school favorite is now in its 69th year and is union-staffed and operated by members of UNITE HERE.