wage theft

  • ROC to DOL: Tips Belong to the Workers who Earned Them!

    By Evan Henerson

    The Trump administration is working quickly to implement a new rule which would transfer control of tips from the workers to the restaurant owners.

  • Restaurant Industry Shenanigans in the Bay Area

    By Evan Henerson

    Note to would-be restaurant workers: consider starting your career someplace other than the San Francisco Bay Area. Great weather, lots of culture, but the restaurant industry…

  • Animators of “Sausage Party” Starved of Overtime Pay

    By Michael Messina

    The trailer for the newly-released film “Sausage Party” depicts the comical horrors of animated hot dogs, fruits, vegetables and other grocery staples encountering the brutal reality of what happens to food when in makes its way to the kitchen. After reports that the animators working on the film were forced to work unpaid overtime, it’s not hard to imagine those artists were channeling a bit of their own disgust.

  • In Florida You Don’t Have to Pay Minimum Wage

    By Ross Lenihan

    Ahhh Florida, the land of sunshine, retirees and gators. Oh, and wage theft. It turns out that Florida’s Trump-supporting Attorney General, Pam Bondi, has not brought a single minimum wage enforcement action against bad employers in five years in the Sunshine State. And it’s not because there haven’t been legitimate cases.

  • Domino’s: Delivering You Wage Theft in 30 Minutes or Less

    By Ross Lenihan

    Domino’s famously prides itself on quick delivery at an affordable price. Now, news has leaked that the famous pizza chain may also be great at shaving minutes off its employees’ timesheets. The New York Attorney General has accused the pizza chain of using payroll software to systematically under-calculate wages, accusing Domino’s of having its computers purposefully log fewer hours for employees than they actually work.