• By Evan Henerson

    So retail giant Walmart decides to sell of one of its stores in Brownsville, Texas and comes up with a lengthy list of activities that the new property owner could not engage in.

  • By Evan Henerson

    Who doesn’t love a door-busting, fight-inducing, gotta-have-it-now deal?

    The better question, as you set your Thanksgiving day plans, is who does love a holiday?


    By Evan Henerson

    Every corporate fat cat needs a watchdog, even the nation’s largest private employer. Especially the nation’s largest private employer.

    Recently, when activists gathered at City Hall in Suffolk, Virginia to speak out against what they considered racially discriminatory practices at a couple of local Walmarts, representatives of the Washington DC-based Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) were right there leading the charge. In this case, MCAW accused the Arkansas-based retail giant of locking up hair care products used primarily by African Americans while white hair care products received no such security measures.

  • By Michael Messina

    Black Friday has been creeping into Thanksgiving for a few years now and the farther the hours roll back, the more we cringe here at Labor 411.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    You know the story: beginnings in the 1970s good American manufacturing jobs were poached away due to cheap foreign labor, leaving many middle class Americans out in the cold. Well, the Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit advocacy group, reports that many manufacturing jobs are now returning home. Below are the nine companies they say are bringing the most jobs back to the good old US of A.

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    Few companies in recent decades have earned more of a reputation for worker abuse than Walmart. From union-busting to surveillance to paying poverty-level wages, Walmart continues to push the envelope on awful workplace behavior.

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    This Thanksgiving Day, some retail stores are putting profits over people by opening their doors on one of America's major holidays. Rather than spend the day with their loved ones and families, employees at these stores will be stocking shelves and dealing with often irate customers looking for a bargain.

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    Over the years, consumers have come to associate Walmart with poverty wages, ruthless anti-union policies, and a total disregard for the communities that the company hurts (at the expense of taxpayers).