Washington DC

  • Celebrate the Season The Union Way in our Nation's Capital

    By Jackie Jeter, President of the Metro Washington Labor Council AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, President of Labor 411

    Despite the challenges the labor movement has faced with recent policy changes imposed by the Trump administration, the spirit of organized labor burned bright in 2017 in Washington DC. The Nation’s Capital scored a significant victory in July when the minimum wage was increased to $12.50 per hour.

  • Valentine’s Day The Union Way!

    By Kelly Ross

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s clear that love is in the air! If you haven’t quite ironed out your plans for the big day, we’ve got plenty of union-friendly ideas for you to spice up the Valentine’s Day weekend or the day itself. With these suggestions across the country, you can romance your way to a stronger America!

  • Holiday Spotlight: Seasonal Favorites in the Nation’s Capital

    By Jackie Jeter, President of the Metro Washington Labor Council AFL-CIO and Cherri Senders, President of Labor 411

    After surviving a game-changing national election that will change the landscape of our nation, Washington DC gears up for the final holiday season of the Obama administration. From a union perspective, 2016 has been a year of action and progress. A few of the many highlights include supporting our service workers brothers and sisters in their continuing fight for a living wage at National and Washington Dulles Airports, seeing the United Food and Commercial Workers approve new contracts with Safeway and Giant, and our continued participation in the ongoing Fight for 15. We salute the work of all our union brothers and sisters in their fight to build a strong middle class.

  • An Inside Look at the DC LaborFest

    By Michael Messina

    The DC LaborFest recently wrapped up in Washington, D.C. where, for the 16th year, folks from  around the world gathered for film and cultural presentations that centered on the world and history of labor. Labor 411 sat down with the event’s creator, Chris Garlock, who gave us the latest on this year’s showing and what DC LaborFest means for the labor movement.

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate the 4th in Washington, D.C.

    By Kelly Ross

    What better place to spend the 4th of July than in the nation’s capital?  With dozens of great venues and exciting events, visitors and locals alike in Washington, D.C. can celebrate America’s birthday with a bang. Labor 411 has put together a list of the 4th of July must-sees in the D.C. area, and they are all union! Attend one of the following events and ring in Independence Day in the best way possible, by supporting good jobs that pay workers fairly and promote a stronger American middle class!

  • $15: A Monumental Victory in the Nation’s Capital

    By Kelly Ross

    On Tuesday, June 21 workers in Washington, D.C. celebrated a monumental victory when lawmakers gave final approval for a $15 minimum wage. A unanimous vote by the D.C. Council puts the city on track to raise the minimum wage from $10.50 an hour to $15 by 2020 in hopes to improve living conditions for the city’s working poor.

  • Will NBA Stars Kevin Durant or LeBron James Land in One of These Union Cities?

    By Ross Lenihan

    Now that the NBA Finals are over, it’s time to turn our basketball attention to the draft and free agency. The big questions are: Will LeBron leave Cleveland, and where will Kevin Durant end up? Here at Labor 411 we’ve decided to look at the free agent market for LeBron and Durant through a different lens: labor.

  • DC LaborFest Spotlights Labor Art and Culture (VIDEO)

    By Ross Lenihan

    The third-annual DC LaborFest is taking place throughout the month of May and you better believe labor arts and culture are on full display. Anchored by the DC Labor FilmFest – which includes screenings of Concussion, 99 Homes, The 33, and much more – the annual festival boasts everything from film screenings and live music to soccer and lectures on labor history.

  • DC City Spotlight: 5 Ways to Enjoy Union Theater in the Nation’s Capital

    By Ross Lenihan

    Everyone knows that DC is the place for movers and shakers in government, but not as many realize that DC is also a fantastic city for catching live theater. From Ford’s Theater to the Kennedy Center, there’s a reason DC is regarded as the #2 city for live theater (behind only New York). Live theater is also heavily unionized in DC, so you can rest well knowing that your performance experience is brought to you by the hardworking women and men in labor.