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City Spotlight: Washington DC

By Kelly Ross

If you are in Washington, D.C. this Tuesday, June 14 and have some time to spare, be sure to check out the Women Can Build: Re-envisioning Rosie exhibit. The one day exhibition sponsored by Jobs to Move America (JMA), and the AFL-CIO will be held during the White House United State of Women Summit, and is sure to be a must see. Women have been a driving force in organized labor and this exhibit shines a light on the strength and solidarity of women past and present.

Located at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, a union establishment, the eleven-photograph display by Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice showcases modern women across the nation who build trains and buses as well as six World War II era photos from the Library of Congress. The term “Rosie” in the exhibit’s title derives from “Rosie the Riveter,” the title of a ’40s song and Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell, but most commonly associated with the “We Can Do It!” wartime posters featuring a flexing woman in a red bandanna, and now a cultural symbol in the United States that represents women who worked manufacturing jobs in World War II, replacing men who enlisted.

The JMA coalition first created this project in 2015 with funding from several groups, including the Ford and Surdna Foundations, IUE-CWA and SAG-AFTRA. The project highlights the need for the multi-national companies that manufacture buses and trains to increase opportunities for women, especially women of color, while providing these courageous women with a voice on the job to ensure they have family-supporting careers in this industry.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event which stresses the need to support good jobs! It is an absolute necessity that we continue to stand in solidarity with companies and organizations that pay fair wages and treat their employees well.
For more info, visit www.womencanbuild.org.

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