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City Spotlight: Washington DC

If you live in the Washington, DC area, then you know just how terrific the dining scene is here! With so many excellent choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. Well, if you like supporting employers who treat workers fairly, then these five below are definitely worth checking out! For the entire list of restaurants, visit our DC dining directory here.

1. Bistro 525

2. Charlie Palmer Steak DC

3. Edgar Bar & Kitchen

4. Finn & Porter Restaurant

5. Rural Society

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0 #3 Mahesh 2015-07-30 05:33
wow this is the best restaurants to have dinner i had visited in USA hobokenrestaurants ("http://hobokenrestaurants.us/")even that is one of the best places in the world for dining
0 #2 Betty 2015-05-15 12:49
$7/hr ...lol
0 #1 JoLynn 2015-05-10 18:20
What is your definition or "fair wages" for DC?

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