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By Kelly Ross

While most people associate film with Southern California, the movie industry is not exclusive to Los Angeles. In fact several well known films were shot in Philadelphia. Labor 411 has compiled a list of a few of these union-made films. Though not all of these films were shot in their entirety in Philly, the famous landmarks, eateries and museums make for great big city backdrops in the movies.

Many people don’t realize just how union the entertainment industry is. Whether it’s actresses/actors, directors, producers, writers, camera operators, make-up artists, grips, truck drivers, and even stunt people, the entertainment industry has a long and storied labor history.

Want to know if a movie is union? Look for the IATSE logo at the end of the credits! Check out the list of union films shot in the City of Brotherly Love below:

- Rocky film series

- National Treasure

- The Sixth Sense

- Silver Linings Playbook

- Philadelphia

- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

- Unbreakable

- Twelve Monkeys

- Marnie

- Dressed to Kill

- The Age of Innocence

- Birdy

- Blow Out

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