Presidents’ Day Buying Spree

Indulge your Presidents’ Day Weekend Buying Spree

Presidents’ Day weekend is traditionally a time when retailers slash prices and run sales on big ticket items like mattresses, tires and cars. On Presidents’ Day and every day, Labor 411 urges you to make the smart choice and give your business to retailers who treat their workers fairly and with dignity. By buying an American-made product, you will help support good middle class jobs and help us shop our way to a stronger America.


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Diamond Mattress

BF Goodrich (BE, BF)
Bridgestone (2C, 4D, D, 8B, D2, E3, VE, W1, Y7, YE, YU)
Cooper (UP, UT)
Dunlop (DA)
Firestone (2C, 4D, D, 8B, D2, E3, VE, W1, Y7, YE, YU)
Goodyear (JE, JJ, JN, JU, MC, MD, MJ, PC, PT, PU, PY, UK)
Kelly Springfield (JF, MM, PJ)
Titan (B Plus Serial #, CF, JH, MN, PK)
Yokohama (CC)

Cars and Trucks
Check out our comprehensive list of UAW-made cars, trucks and SUVs on our website.

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