August 2014

Members of 1521 showed their concern for a fair contract at a May Board of Trustees meeting.

Salary Increase for Faculty!

If we’re sending an edition of Read On in the usually slow summer months, you know something big has happened.

After months of negotiations, we are happy to announce that AFT 1521 and the Los Angeles Community College District have agreed to an across-the-board raise for all faculty and have nearly concluded negotiations for a new contract (with talks on the Master Benefits Article about to begin). You can read details in the story below. This successful outcome couldn’t have been reached without the hard work of both the faculty and management negotiating teams, our faculty members, and those who showed up in force to let the Board of Trustees know we wanted a fair deal.

We continue to see the positive effects of Prop 30 on the District’s financial situation, but we need to stay vigilant to ensure continuing prosperity and growth in the district. We also need to push for adequate funding for public higher education on the statewide level.

In other news, the problems with the regional accrediting commission continues. What happens between City College of San Francisco and the ACCJC will have a far reaching impact, including here in L.A. You can read more about this below as well.

Stay informed, stay engaged, continue to enjoy your summer and read about these efforts and more in the August edition of Read On!!

Guild News

Contract Negotiations

After a challenging few weeks of salary discussions, Guild negotiators and the District reached a three-year agreement on a formula that increases faculty salaries across the board. The agreement fulfills the Guild’s top bargaining priority -- to raise compensation for all full-time and part-time faculty.


Heat is on Accrediting Commission

There have been a number of developments in recent weeks concerning the ongoing fight between City College of San Francisco and the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges. These developments may have repercussions across the state, including here in Los Angeles.



Unions Step Up to Create Jobs and Improve U.S. Infrastructure

CalSTRS is one of several major U.S. pension funds that have pledged to invest a total of $10.2 billion in infrastructure projects nationwide, according to Sharon Hendricks, Guild Retirement Liaison and CalSTRS Board Vice Chair, who attended a three-day forum in June sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative.



Retirement Contributions to Be Increased

In June, Governor Brown signed AB 1469, legislation that addresses CalSTRS’$74 billion unfunded liability. What is the impact on LACCD faculty? If you are a CalSTRS active member, your CalSTRS contribution rate, which is currently 8% per month, will have the following increases:

July 2014-June 2015: employee contribution increases to 8.15%
July 2015-June 2016: employee contribution increases to 9.20%
July 2016 – ongoing: employee contribution increases to 10.25%

Because of constitutional protections, our employee contributions cannot be increased beyond 10.25% at this time. The district and state contributions are also being increased to help address the unfunded liability.

For more information on the implications of AB 1469, click here for a letter from CFT President Josh Pechthalt.


1521 Honored at AFT Convention

AFT 1521 received a number of Communications Contest Awards at the AFT convention in L.A.. Awards were for Read On, Pres. Joanne Waddell's column and more!  1st place in the following categories: Best Periodical, Print; Best Periodical, Electronic; Best Non-Periodical; Best Editorial or Column; Best Original Illustration or Photo; Best Design; and Best Website! The Los Angeles College Faculty Guild was also awarded 2nd place in the Best Layout and Best Organizing Materials categories! Guild Recording Secretary Deborah Kaye and Guild President Joanne Waddell are pictured.

Hats Off to Carl!

Carl Friedlander, former president of the California Federation of Teachers Community College Council, as well as of AFT 1521, received the AFT Higher Education Leadership Award at AFT’s national convention in July. Congratulations!

1521 Awards Scholarships

At its monthly Executive Board Meeting in July, AFT 1521 awarded several scholarships to deserving students enrolled in District colleges. Pictured, clockwise from back, are Robert Fofrich (West L.A. College), Kevin Hale (Pierce), Alexia Johnson (Valley) and Danielle Rodriguez (Southwest). Hale and John Acardo (not pictured), received the Hy Weintraub Scholarship; Rodriguez the Jean Trapnell Scholarship, Zoha Batool (not pictured) the Bill Doyle Scholarship; and Fofrich and Johnson received Guild Foundation scholarships. Each of the awards was for $1,000. Congratulations to our students!

Summary of EBoard Motions

Motions passed at Executive Board Meeting April 15, 2014

Approved a CFT Resolution in Support of Fair Accreditation for California Community Colleges

Approved an MOU on the Development and Implementation of SB1456 Plans

Approved the 2014-15 Executive Council and Executive Board meeting dates

Contributed $500 to the Interstate 5 bus accident funds