A Union Ironworker Just Won The Wisconsin Democratic Primary For Paul Ryan’s Seat

By Sahid Fawaz

Labor is making gains. And this time it’s in the state of the most notorious unionbuster, Scott Walker.

The Washington Post reports:

“Labor organizer Randy Bryce, whose viral ads and nickname — ‘Ironstache’ — made him one of the 2018 cycle’s strongest fundraisers, has won the Democratic nomination in Wisconsin’s 1st district.

Bryce, who has run and lost several local races, had appeared to hit rocky waters after House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his retirement. Cathy Myers, a local school board member who raised more than $1 million for her race, ran a slashing, negative campaign, arguing that Bryce’s past arrests (including a DUI) and a brief period where he ran late on child support made him unelectable.

But Bryce powered past Myers; with 60 percent of precincts reporting, he led by 19 points.”

For more on Bryce and how to contribute, visit his campaign website here.

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