86% Of Companies In Largest 4-Day Workweek Trial Say They Will Likely Continue The New Policy

The four-day workweek is gaining steam and more and more employers appear to be amenable to it.

NPR reports:

“Companies in the United Kingdom are about to complete the biggest trial of a four-day work week ever undertaken, anywhere in the world. The program’s thesis was a provocative one: that for six months, these companies would reduce their workers’ hours by 20%, to 32 hours a week, but continue to pay them 100% of their pay.

Charlotte Lockhart, the founder of Four Day Week, the organization behind the pilot program, says company leaders usually have a visceral reaction when they hear the idea of cutting hours without cutting pay. Something like, ‘That’ll never work in my business. That’ll never work in my industry. That’ll never work in my country. That’ll never work in the world.’

Fortunately, she found 73 companies to give it a shot. They include financial firms, recruiters, consultants, health care companies and even a fish and chip shop (this is Britain, after all). And while the data on the study hasn’t been released yet, the anecdotal feedback from these firms appears to be positive. Fully 86% said they will likely continue the four-day workweek policy. The same pay for less time at work? Sign us up!”

For the rest of the story, visit NPR here.

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