A Second Starbucks Has Unionized, Winning The NLRB Election Today

A second Starbucks is officially union.

ABC affiliate, WKBW, reports:

“Starbucks on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga [NY] has become the second U.S. store to vote to unionize

SBWorkersUnited, the union representing the workers, made the announcement Monday evening.

The National Labor Relations Board confirmed to 7 News that the location has unionized and a spokesperson provided the following statement:

‘NLRB Region 3-Buffalo issued the certification of representation in the Genesee Road Starbucks election (03-RC-282139) and the union won after the challenges were sustained, making the final vote 15-9.

Starbucks has 10 business days to file a request for review with the Board. If the Board grants it, the results could be under review. If the Board denies it, the results are final and Starbucks must bargain with the union.’

In December, workers from the Starbucks store on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo voted ‘yes’ to become the first Starbucks store in the United States to unionize.”

Fo the rest of the story, visit WKBW here.

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