A Six-Figure Earning Goodwill CEO Who Threatened Not To Pay Disabled Workers Has Resigned

Many in Illinois are happy after the head of a Goodwill branch stepped down.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

“The chief executive officer of a downstate branch of Goodwill Industries resigned Thursday following outrage across Illinois over her recent threat to stop paying many of the nonprofit’s disabled employees, citing expected rising payroll costs due to the pending state minimum wage increase.

After much backlash on social media, Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries in Springfield on Wednesday reversed its decision to strip the thrift store workers of their pay, with President and CEO Sharon Durbin issuing an apology to ‘our constituents, our clients and our faithful donors.’

‘Our recent decision regarding the (Vocational) Rehab program and the resulting harm it might have caused falls short of living up to our mission and we apologize for this error in judgment,’ said Durbin in a written statement, citing an outpouring of comments regarding plans to no longer pay the workers.

Durbin — who drew a salary of nearly $165,000 in 2018 — had served the local Goodwill for 13 years. Her resignation was effective immediately, according to the agency.

A Land of Lincoln Goodwill spokesman confirmed that a letter was sent in mid-June to a dozen workers with disabilities in a job skills program, letting them know they would no longer receive a paycheck for their work because of budgeting constraints attributed to a recently approved Illinois minimum wage increase.

The charity now says all of those workers will receive their paychecks.

All affected individuals will keep their previous jobs and their previous wage rate (minimum wage or higher),’ said Patrick Anderson of Land of Lincoln Goodwill in an email Wednesday.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Chicago Tribune here.

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