AFL-CIO Launches New Website: ‘Am I Safe At Work?’

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit workplaces particularly hard.

With so many workers under one roof, sharing the same air ventilation system, it is more important than ever for employers to provide a safe work environment.

Yet many are failing to do so.

In response, the AFL-CIO is looking to create greater awareness about safety throughout a new website called, “Am I safe at work?”

The site lists eight questions in a quiz format, which workers are asked to answer.

The topics of the quiz range from mask-wearing requirements to paid time off for COVID-19 exposure.

Once a worker completes the quiz, the page reveals that just one negative answer is enough to deem the workplace as unsafe. The site then provides three resources to help workers create a safer work environment.

It’s a great tool for unions and workers to share and we hope that you’ll do so too.

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